Offers, promotions and coupons are only valid during normal operating hours.
Offers, promotions and coupons are not valid during special events or buyout days.

Attractions may close without notice due to weather conditions or maintenance.
Please call the park to verify hours.

Height and weight restrictions may apply.
Some attractions have minimum and maximum height and weight restrictions. Go to the parks attraction page for complete details.

Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or group
Offers, promotions and coupons can be used for any single purchase on regularly priced menu items only.

Offers, promotions or groups
These special offers cannot be discounted further, nor can these offers be paid with utilizing any form of “free money or vouchers” such as the $10 free play voucher. Special offers include, but not limited to Ten Buck Tuesday, Twelve Buck Tuesday, Sundown Sunday, Full Throttle Thursday’s, Food and Fun Combos, Fellowship Nights, Summer Sizzlers, group discounts, and Birthday Specials. Items not on our regular pricing board are special promotions and already discounted and cannot be discounted further.

Maximum __ purchases only
You can only purchase the maximum number of discounts as listed. For example, if the coupon is a buy one, get one attraction, maximum of two, the customer may only buy two attractions and get two free. The buy one price is valid for the same attraction only, therefore, if you buy one go kart ride, you get one go kart ride free. You cannot buy a go kart ride and get a mini-golf for free.

Non Transferrable
If the coupon is non-transferrable, only the person whose name is printed on the coupon can redeem the certificate. This is mostly used for our Discount Club members who receive special discounts and birthday offers. Valid identification is required to redeem.

$10 Discount Club Coupon
This offer requires $10 purchase to redeem. The $10 discount club coupon cannot be combined with any other offer, special or discount. Therefore, the $10 can be applied towards any regularly priced item and cannot be used on specials or other offers including but not limited to the special offers listed above. Maximum one per person, duplicates or entries from multiple email addresses are not allowed. Management reserves the right to limit usage or deny acceptance if any violation of terms of use, forgery, duplicates, or other fraud or misrepresentation is suspected.

Text Message Deals
To redeem text message coupons, cashier must ensure that the text message has not been forwarded. Verifying the “From” address in the text message to ensure it is from “80672”. If it is from any other number, the offer is void. Forwarded texts are not accepted. The text message must also be deleted from the phone and verified by the cashier prior to redemption to ensure its one time use capabilities.

All coupons must be able to be scanned by our scanners or the barcode number must be readable. Not responsible for poor printer quality. Coupons will not be honored that cannot be scanned.

Expiration Dates
Park locations will not be able to accept expired coupons.

A new card fee may apply for parks that utilize the Play Card System.
Each guest must have their own play card to utilize our attractions/games and golf (sharing play cards is not allowed)

There are no refunds for Online or Season Pass Purchases..